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Born Again Biker?

The term 'born again biker' refers to people who rode a motorcycle before, usually at around 16-18 years old, and who now want to return to motorcycling, now perhaps in their 30's, 40's or older. It could be to relive youth, a re-kindled passion, or for practical reasons (E.g Commuting).

If you were a learner biker on a 50, 125 or 250cc bike you NEED training, and a CBT certificate to ride a bike up to 125cc, and a CBT, theory test and practical test pass to ride anything bigger than 125cc!

If you passed a motorcycle test in the past, and have a full motorcycle licence, you can ride any capacity machine, but SHOULD TAKE refresher training with a motorcycle instructor. Road conditions have changed, but so have the bikes! Modern motorcycles (especially sports bikes) can have very high power outputs, and without experience, and modern training, can be a very dangerous proposition.


The 250cc learner

Up to 1981 learner motorcyclists (of 17 years and older) could take to the roads on any motorcycle with a capacity of up to 250cc, equipped with only a provisional licence and a set of L-plates! The 'two-fiftys' of the day were getting more and more powerfull and faster, with the two stroke Yamaha RD250LC and the Suzuki GT250X7 capable of topping 100mph!

Other popular 250s of the late 70's were the four stroke Honda CB250N super dream, and the Kawasaki KH250 two stroke 'triple'.


The 125cc learner

In order to try and reduce accident rates, and encourage riders to take training and take a practical test, the learner limit was reduced to 125cc, and with a power output limit of around 12bhp. Popular 80s 125s included the Yamaha RD125LC, the Suzuki RG125 'Gamma', Kawasaki AR125, Honda CB125 and Suzuki GS125ES.

In 1990 the CBT was introduced to ensure all learner motorcylists had taken practical training before riding on the road.


The 50cc 'sixteener' learner

At 16 years old a learner motorcyclist can take to the road on a 50cc motorbike or moped. 1970's favourites included the Yamaha FS1E, Suzuki AP50, Honda SS50, Puch Monza and Garelli Tiger. By 1977 these 'sports mopeds' were getting pretty fast, and laws were passed to restict the power output of newly registered 50cc machines to limit their top speed to 30mph.

1980s favourites included the Yamaha DT50MX, the Suzuki TS50 and Kawasaki AR50.


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